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Physical therapy is a conservative treatment which concentrates on one’s ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. The science of physical therapy rests on the belief that full and functional movement is key to a healthy body. Our therapists hold advanced degrees and are specially trained in rehabilitation for orthopaedic and spine surgeries, movement impairment, functional limitation and musculoskeletal injuries.


We strive to provide compassionate and exceptional service to all our patients. We are passionate about focusing on the smallest of details to assure that your physical comfort, educational and emotional needs are met.

Our physical therapists offer a one-on-one treatment approach which is based on combining manual therapy (hands on) with therapeutic exercises and education. Our goal is to return you to the highest level of function as possible.




Our Therapists will design treatment plans with the assistance of

Dr. Rudnick to help all of our patients regain functional independence so you can return to the activities you enjoy. We focus our specific goals in order to relieve pain, improve balance, and increase strength and mobility.

None of us can prevent growing older. There is, however, a lot we can do to prevent injury and maintain optimum strength and mobility in our daily lives.

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