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Work-Related Accidents

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon who is Fellowship Trained in Hand, Foot, &

Reconstructive Microsurgery, Dr. Rudnick has acquired a tremendous amount of experience in the field of Industrial Medicine. He has been treating Work-Related Injuries and performing INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS (IMEs) since 1986. 

Over thirty years ago, Dr. Rudnick began evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and performing surgery on patients under the provisions of the Florida Workers’ Compensation System. 


The focus has been to recover a patient’s complete function and dignity as quickly as

possible in an effort to restore the patient to his/her pre-injury physical

condition. The goal has been to return the patient to work at his/her prior job, if

possible; or to another form of gainful employment. When appropriate, and as soon as

possible, the employee is placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).                                                  

Dr. Rudnick is trained in General Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation, although his unique Orthopaedic sub-specialty involved performing microsurgical reimplantation of amputated fingers, arms, and legs secondary to industrial accidents. For over a decade, Dr. Rudnick was solely responsible for the Orthopaedic Surgical treatment for all of the “First Responders” employed by the city of Delray Beach including the Police Department, Fire Department, and Paramedics.


Dr. Rudnick recognizes the importance of scheduling Work-Related Injuries as soon as possible. To begin their treatment immediately thereafter. To keep open lines of communication with the patient, the insurance adjuster, the case manager, the employer, and the attorney. To complete all medical records, work status reports, and other documentation in a timely manner as soon as the examination has been completed.


 The “Independent Medical Examinations” (IME) was renamed “Compulsory Medical Examinations” (CME).  Dr. Rudnick has been performing these type of examinations for insurance companies, as well as Second Opinions, Medical Record Reviews, and Peer Reviews since 1986.

Dr. Rudnick recognizes the importance of scheduling these examinations as quickly as possible.  Lines of communication are kept wide open between Dr. Rudnick and the insurance adjuster and/or the referring attorney.  All examination reports and other documents are completed in a timely manner as soon as the examination has been completed.  Over the past three (3) decades, Dr. Rudnick has earned respect throughout the South Florida legal system including Judges, Defense Attorneys, Plaintiff's Attorneys, and Insurance carriers due to his fairness, honesty, and impartiality that has governed his actions as he prepares medical reports and testifies with complete objectivity. In summary, whether Dr. Rudnick has been treating patients, or whether he has been performing INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS (IMEs) / COMPULSORY MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS (CMEs); Dr. Rudnick's opinions have always been regarded with deference.  

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